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puppies - dogs - three - smooth
   Our Newest Litter Born  8/27/09        Dam: River   X   Sire: Rowdy
River's Puppy Gallery
3 Females and 4 Males
Early morning, 11/12/10, River started having puppies!  She had 3 girls and 4 boys.  Wow, she is a great mom!  All are marked very nicely.  One female and two males are is marked with red spots.  Two females and two males will have some blue markings as well.  Rowdy, the sire, is 1/2 blue even though he was totally red as a pup.  This litter is 1/4 blue and 3/4 red.  It will be exciting to see how they turn out.  Rowdy is the only heeler that we own that has a blue sire.  Look below at River's puppy gallery to see pups from other litters.
Female with blue eyes SOLD!
Josh and Bear, Doug and Winter Frost and Sharon Jones
Female Sold to Marbel Donosso  ~ Hutto, Texas    $200
Norma Ragland from Kyle, Texas picked up her puppy today.  Norma chose to keep the same name as the puppies mom.  Little River has beautiful blue eyes! 
Norma, Vanessa and Pablo
Great Markings on this Male
"RIVER" Sold - $250
  We are sold !!!!!!
"Karly" Sold to Kelly M.
Karen and Kelly picked a beautiful female companion for their family and male Red Heeler named "JACK".
Female - SOLD - $200
JOSH and BEAR are great companions!
Repeat buyers, Doug and Sharon purchased our white female with blue eyes. Both parents are red heelers, however, this pup turned out very unique.  We think they gave her a great name!
$ 200
SOLD to: Lamar Garcia  Somerville, Texas
SOLD to:
Rennie Mann ~ Richland Springs, Texas
$200  This male went to a great home!
SOLD to Nick Reina and Family
This gal is very playful and full of fun.  She is alert with beautiful erect ears!

Has two 5-way boosters and been de-wormed.
This female has beautiful facial markings.  She will most likely keep the white on her face just like her grandam, Hannah.
puppies - red - male
Look at the three females.  One is definately red and the other two will have a few blue spots.
  Boy Howdy, are we purdy!
My first ride on the Caballo!
  I have the same colors.