Shiloh has a new litter of 8.  Two males and six females! Born on January 11, 2011
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Two males
   Six females

The baby girls are mostly white.  They will probably turn out a lot like Shiloh and be a roan color.
This bunch got the jump on us.  A few were born in the dirt outside so we quickly moved them into the bathroom with Shiloh.  It worked out fine.  Shiloh continued to have a few more for a total of 8.
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Beaux - Sire
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Four weeks old 2/8/2011
Six females above.
Four females are red and two with blue muzzles.
These two females are blue and just beautiful!
Two incredible males.  They will look like Shiloh. I think my wife wants to keep the male on the right as he looks so much like the dam. He even has the backwards ridge of hair down his forehead to his nose like Shiloh.
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